The Cooper School Daily

Exciting Week in Second Grade!

A Trip to the Fire Station!

This week second grade took a trip to Station 11 Charleston Fire Department! For Cooper Village we will be building a fire and police station. In order to learn more about these jobs and business we got the chance to tour the fire department. The fire fighters greeted us showing us their gear, where they cook, and the fire pole! Students had the chance to sit inside the fire truck as well as use a real life fire hose! Students learned so much about the importance of firefighters for our community and how they help people everyday! We are looking forward to more field trips to different businesses. 

Guess the Number

In math second graders are building their knowledge on place value with math guessing games. Using number cards and clue partners they have to guess each other’s mystery numbers. Students can use phrase clues to give their partner hints to guess the question. This game is great reinforcement of place values and learning three digit numbers! 

Book Nominations

In writing we are nominating books to win awards! In order for the book to win an award students need to write a convincing passage on why the book should win. Their writing includes three pieces of evidence to support their nomination. Students are so excited to see which books win awards within the class! Books with compelling and strong evidence will be sure to win a book award for our second grade class!

Important Dates:

January 16 – MLK Jr Day (No School)

January 27 – Artist of the Month Coffee (2nd, 4th, & 8th Grade)

February 20-21 – February Break (No School)