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Expert Explorers!

Explorers Simulation

Your adventurers have been sailing the high seas with Christopher Columbus in search of the New World!  This week, we participated in an explorers simulation.  Each student received a role on their ship, such as navigator, helmsman, interpreter, or medical surgeon and were placed in one of two groups.  To kick off the exploration, each group had to request a royal charter from Spain or Portugal.  They discussed the offers and decided which country to sail for.  Then, they were off to sea!  They braved dead wind, raging storms, disease, and native peoples.  By the end of the week, both groups had made it safely back to their home country.  Ask your child what their favorite part of the explorers simulation was!

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Do Now

Each morning as your child enters the building to start a new day, they participate in our morning routine.  This routine involves unpacking their belongings, answering the morning message, and then completing the Do Now.  The Do Now is a time to warm up their brain with a short, fun activity.  Sometimes this activity is handwriting practice, map skills, multiplication drills, or  spelling.  This week, we tried something different!  I gave the students a “Word Wink”, a puzzling image that represents a common phrase.  Can you figure out this Word Wink?  

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A new trimester means a new Monday Movement sport!  This week, fourth and fifth graders began their practice of the sport soccer.  They have already been honing their soccer skills during their pick up games at recess, so they are ready for some more advanced moves this year!  This week, we began with some dribbling and shooting drills.  Then, we finished off by playing a whole group soccer game.  Although we all wish we could just play full games each week, it’s more important that your athletes practice their footwork skills through drills before playing games.  We can’t wait to get out on a regulation size field and stretch our legs!

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