The Cooper School Daily

Experts, Researchers, and Mathematicians!

Week of October 21-25

First Grade Experts

After publishing their books last week and celebrating with a Publishing Party, the First Graders began a new project. They have begun writing their own teaching texts!  They began with the question, “How can I teach my readers?” Students were encouraged to think about the How, Why, Where, and When of the topic they selected. They are writing about everything from trucks to sharks! The class is careful to illustrate their nonfiction writing with many detailed illustrations. We look forward to the sharing of these stories!

Insect Researchers

Our First Grade Scientists are brainstorming insects they want to research! Each student will choose an insect native to South Carolina to research using nonfiction texts and iPad minis. Our friends in Fifth Grade and Third Grade will partner with our First Graders to help them with the iPads and with research of their insect!  We look forward to the results!

We had Science excitement this week as three of our butterflies continued their development and emerged from their chrysalises. They have begun drying their lovely butterfly wings in preparation for flight!


The First Grade Mathematicians used the number line this week to add and subtract or compose and decompose numbers. By hopping forward or backward, a giant number line on the floor was used as an introduction to an additional tool for solving addition and subtraction equations. The kinesthetic component of this activity will help reinforce the new strategy! It is just one of many tools the First Graders have at their disposal to arrive at a conclusion. Word problems are incorporated every step of the way to make real world application of numeracy a priority!

Important Dates:

Thursday, October 31: Halloween Carnival (11:30 Dismissal)

Monday, November 11: Grandparents and Special Friends Morning (10-11:30)

Monday and Tuesday, November 11 and 12: Conferences (11:30 Dismissal)

Wednesday, November 13th: Insect Museum: 8:15 – 9:15