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Extra, Extra, Read All About Fourth Grade!


In class, we have been learning about the constellations, how to spot them, and where their stories originated from. After school, our astronomers have taken on a new job of tracking the lunar cycle. For 28 days, the students are observing the night sky and recording their observations in a lunar booklet they take home each night. With the help of a fun song, 4th grade knows all about the different phases of the moon.

Morning Message

To continue our SEL unit on Optimism, we had a morning message where 4th grade problem solvers read stories about mistakes that turned into amazing discoveries. They learned how the potato chip was made, where chewing gum comes from, and how the slinky was invented! Afterwards, students got in groups to discuss ways these inventors could have stayed positive despite not getting the results they hoped for and wrote their own optimistic mantra to post in the classroom.


Journalists are busy gearing up for their News Report presentation that is coming up next week by writing, editing, revising, and interviewing! Each Fourth Grader has written several reports and are now in the process of interviewing other students and teachers around The Cooper School to get as many points of view and information as possible. We look forward to showcasing all of their hard work on November 9th!

Important Dates:

November 7th & 8th – Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)

November 9th – Project Presentation (2:00pm)

November 18th – Harvest Festival (11:30am Dismissal)

November 21st-25th – Thanksgiving Break (No School)