The Cooper School Daily

Fabulous First Week of Fourth Grade!

Fourth Grade Parents,

We have had a fabulous start to the school year!

Morning Meeting:

In Morning Meetings, we got to know each other better, and talked about how our class is similar to a community! The Fourth Graders have done well adjusting to all of the new mask and sanitation procedures at The Cooper School. We also talked about some things we can do when we feel worried, after reading the book Wemberly Worried.


In Math this week, the Fourth Graders did a math scavenger hunt using their manipulative bag and their new math workbooks! We also have begun our first unit on Place Value, and reviewed how we can use our flats, longs, and ones cubes to show three digit numbers.


In Reading this week, we took a reading survey on how we feel about reading, wrote about our summer reading, and learned how to tell if a book is “easy-peasy,” “just right,” or “too challenging” for us! (Ask your child about the five finger rule!) We also learned how to self-edit our own writing about a book with a rubric.

In Writing, we thought of things we want to accomplish in Fourth Grade to make our Hopes and Dreams board which helped us to create our class expectations for the Fourth Grade cohorts.


In Science, the students enjoyed discussing what they know and want to know about their class pet Mango, and magnets, as they begin their exciting unit on Magnetism and Electricity! 

Word Work:

In Word Work, the students worked hard on curving their letters properly in cursive, learning about common and proper nouns, and the different elements of their Vocabulary book!

We have been providing students a plastic bag to keep their mask in during outside time. However, feel free to have your child bring in their own reusable bag from home if you wish!

We are ready for another great week of learning!


Ms. Molly and Ms. Kyndall