The Cooper School Daily

Fabulous Fourth Graders!


Fourth Grade Electricians worked on transmitting electric energy through two wires to turn a lightbulb on. Fourth Graders were then challenged to turn the lightbulb on using only one wire. The class was then introduced to a circuit base to help them hold the wires in place and control the opening and closing of the circuit.


Mathematicians wrapped up Unit 1 on factors and multiples. Through this unit, Fourth Graders reviewed prime and composite numbers, finding the area of rectangles, as well as identifying pairs of factors for multiples. 


For centers this week, Fourth Graders practiced math skills through a popular game of Five in a Row. This challenged Fourth Graders to create a strategy for finding specific factors in order to color in more squares on their board. Another center was SSR, Silent Sustained Reading.  In this center Fourth Graders practiced reading their choice of a just right book for 25 minutes.

Important Dates:

September 5th- Labor Day (No School)

September 14th- Elementary Curriculum Night (5:30pm-6:30pm)