The Cooper School Daily

Fun in Fourth!

Science: Fourth grade scientists investigated sources of electricity this week.  Scholars were given a D-Cell battery, two insulated wires, and a small lightbulb to create a complete circuit.  The next day, the class advanced this concept one step further, when they added a motor and circuit board into the equation.  

Social Emotional Learning:  As a class, we strive to seek creative solutions to everyday challenges.  This week, Fourth Graders marked a tally on our morning message by a list of common struggles they face each day, as they progress from Third Grade to Fourth Grade.  We discussed strategies for coping when parts of our day felt more challenging than others. Students distinguished examples of temporary feelings of hardship versus longterm feelings of hardship.  We talked about ways we can acknowledge these feelings in a moment of reflection, making calm, grounded decisions using strategies like triangle breathing exercises. 


In Math this week, the Fourth Graders used their newfound knowledge of place value to round numbers to the nearest thousand, ten thousand and hundred thousand! They also got to explore these skills using Zearn during their math center which is a math-enrichment website. 

Important Dates: 

Wednesday, September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night 

Friday, October 9th- Distance Learning Day

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)