The Cooper School Daily

Fabulous in Fourth!


Our fourth graders have continued to work on their poetry in Writing Workshop this week. All students have submitted two poems for The Cooper School’s 2022 Pass It On poetry book and those who wished to submit a tribute poem in honor of this year’s chosen charity have done so. Students are currently working on finishing their Poet Muse slideshows. Everyone in the class chose a famous poet to research and do a presentation on and we are almost finished with those as well.


In math, fourth grade continued to work on long division this week. We took a brief break at the beginning of the week to study line segments and transitioned back to long division on Wednesday. The rest of the week they worked on solving problems with two digit divisors and four digit dividends.

Social Studies

Students have continued to work on our European Explorers unit by focusing on their research papers. Before Spring Break, each student chose a famous explorer to research and write about and they are currently finishing their papers on their chosen person. Their papers include crucial information such as birth, death, early life, exploration/careers, and accomplishments.

Important Dates:

-April 15th to 18th- April Break

– April 28: TCS Spring Auction & Gala