The Cooper School Daily

Fabulous in Fourth!


Fourth Grade scholars continued studying outer space in their new science unit on the “Sun, Moon and Stars!” This week we began to study the sun and how it affects our shadows when we are outside. As a class, we went outdoors to find the cardinal directions on the playground.  Scholars then used their knowledge of cardinal directions to explore how their shadows changed throughout the day.  We will continue to track our shadows and follow the sun as we explore the “Sun, Moon, and Stars.”


Fourth Graders moved on from division this week and started learning about angles and angle measurement.  Students learned the difference and the purpose of lines, line segments, and rays.  Students used this knowledge to learn about different angles… acute, obtuse, and right angles.  We all had a great time going around the room and playground looking for different angles in architecture and nature.


The Fourth Graders were excited to start a new reading unit this week called, “Intellectual Independence.” This workshop focuses on ambitious and experienced readers.  Fourth Grade Readers will dive into reading fiction with multiple narratives, tangled plotlines, unpredictable characters, and symbolic settings.  

As a class, we read Thank You, Ma’am by Langston Hughes.  This is a very empathetic story and the students loved discussing the story line, the amazing characters, and their interactions within the story. Many of the students felt very connected to the story and shared personal stories that were similar.

Important Dates

TCS Auction – April 28th

Pass it On – May 12th