The Cooper School Daily

Fabulous in Fourth

Morning Meeting

Fourth Graders look forward to our Morning Meetings, which serve as an integral part of their curriculum. The meetings are a time to gather at the beginning of the school day, as a whole group, and share unique perspectives on thoughtful objectives. Students count on seeing the classroom morning message on the board, which challenges them to reflect and respond. This week, Fourth Graders shared their thoughts on how to be empathetic towards others. Students shared how important it is to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” in order to understand their feelings and emotions.  We are so proud of our empathetic Fourth Graders!

Reading, Writing, and Social Studies

Fourth Graders started researching The American Revolution this week. Students have enjoyed reading and discussing the events from the American Revolution and learning how to properly research their topics. This is a very exciting study filled with so much exciting history. Please ask your child about their American Revolution topic or person that they are researching. 

Multiplication and Division 

This week, brave mathematicians explored interesting ways to solve division problems using multiplication, arrays, and area. Students discussed, solved, and then created their own arrays on graph paper. Scholars identified key words in the problems and shared their solution strategies with their peers. These brave scholars are moving towards mastery of their multiplication and division strategies!

Important Dates: 

Tuesday, December 8th- Zoom Parent Forum with K. Elizabeth Bischoff

Friday, December 18th- Pajama Day- 11:30 dismissal

December 19th- January 4th- Winter Break

Tuesday, January 5th- Students return to school!