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Fairy Tales, Fractions, and Climbing! Oh My!

This week Third Grade readers continued to explore the magical world of fairytales. Students compared and contrasted variations of fairytales across cultures. They found unique variations and similarities in the characters, settings, plots, themes as well as in minor details of the stories. We took a close look at themes and emotions such as love hatred kindness and cruelty that occurred in fairytales across cultures. Third Grade readers began to examine archetypal characters such as the underdog, trickster, villain, and the jealous stepmother that appears so often in fairytales. Scholars learned that archetypal characters are found over and over in literature. IMG_5977

Third-grade mathematicians wrapped up a unit on fractions this week. Students practiced finding equivalent fractions through games and hands on manipulatives. Scholars practiced naming quantities greater than one with fractions and mixed numbers. Third Graders developed strategies for solving number stories involving fractions. We are working hard at becoming fraction experts!

Third-grade friends took an adventure at the James Island County Park climbing wall this week. Brave third-graders set personal goals and challenge themselves in many ways while supporting each other on this climbing adventure. Students had such a great time and cannot wait to return next week!



FullSizeRender-25Important Dates

Thursday, April 21st                    Climbing at JICP

Thursday, April 28th                   Climbing at JICP

Friday, May 6th                            Grandparent’s Day (11:30 Dismissal)

Friday, May 6th                            Pass-It-On