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Fairytale News, Factors, and Pass It On Preparation


IMG_6200This week third grade readers wrapped up a magical unit on fairytales. We have been looking closely at a wide variety of fairytales, focusing on fairytale elements, archetypal characters, comparing fairytales across cultures, and comparing traditional to fractured fairytales. This week third graders wrapped up their fairytale unit with an exciting readers theater about fairytale news as a culminating activity. They were so excited about this readers theater activity that they asked and have been given permission to perform at whole school morning next week!











Brave mathematicians focused on finding factors of whole numbers this week! A surprising amount of mathematics is based on whole number factors of whole numbers, especially on factors that are prime numbers. Whole number factors of whole numbers offer another Third Grade scholars another way to look at the relationship between multiplication and division, while providing additional practice with basic multiplication and division facts. Third-graders learned a new game, Factor Bingo, giving them a fun and engaging way to practice identify factors of whole numbers.

The Cooper School students gathered for whole school morning meeting this week to focus on preparing for our annual poetry reading at Pass It On. Pass It On veterans shared with new students what could be expected and some tips to help them be successful when reading their poems. Brave poets shared tips for reading loud and proud, speaking confidently, and ways to be sure that the audience can see your face. Students are busy practicing and we are all getting very excited about sharing our great work with you next week!

Important Dates

Thursday, April 28th                   Climbing at JICP

Friday, May 6th                            Grandparent’s Day (11:30 Dismissal)

Friday, May 6th                            Pass-It-On