The Cooper School Daily

Fall…and optimism are in the air

Cooper School middle schoolers thought about the glass being half full this week. In advisory, we took a quiz to see how optimistic we really are and discussed ways we can improve our optimistic lenses. The beautiful fall weather sure made it easier to find the positivity in our lives.  

What’s happening in Science:

Middle school scientists wrapped up our weather and climate unit this week. We conducted our last weather investigation by testing which earth materials heat up quicker by being exposed to solar radiation. Scientists analyzed their data by graphing and discussing their observations. We will begin our individual climate change projects next week when we return from fall break.

What’s going on in Reading:

Readers delved into non-fiction this week. We focused on central ideas and mulling over details to find evidence supporting the central ideas in our texts. We will begin learning and practicing how to effectively research non-fiction texts next week.

What is happening in Math:

6th grade mathematicians have been applying ratios to rates. This week in centers, students calculated rates using metric distance and time. Mathematicians applied their knowledge of ratios to predict the race time for “Cue” the Wonder Workshop robot to “run” a marathon. We certainly programmed up a sweat!

5th grade mathematicians completed their Module 1 test corrections and are getting started with Module 2! In centers this week, we applied place value concepts to programming. Mathematicians coded directionality maps using paper color codes to create a random number generator for their ozobot robot. Mathematicians then applied the randomly generated numbers to place value concepts to express standard form, word form, and expanded form. This activity was randomly a lot of fun! 

Thank you for another wonderful week! We hope everyone enjoys their fall break and comes back Wednesday, October 14th ready to work hard!

Important Dates:
October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)

October 30th- Halloween Celebration- 11:30 Dismissal

November 6th- Distance Learning Day