The Cooper School Daily

Fall Break News


This week we had the pleasure of presenting The Insect Museum! Our young scientists presented research on local insects, insect writing, and life cycle diagrams. Scholars were thrilled to share their insects with the rest of the class. Our insect museum was a little bit different this year, but each student presented their research and was recorded. You can watch all of our scholar’s presentations and also see pictures at the link attached below!


In Phonics, we worked with partners to review the short and long vowel sounds.  Each student took a turn being the teacher, asking their partner to name the sounds.  We then played a board game with a partner to help us practice identifying the long and short vowel sounds.  Students had a blast pretending to be the teacher and playing games! 

Morning Meeting

This week, we had Morning Meeting in the outdoor classroom to discuss The Cooper School Peace Table.  The Peace Table provides a structure to assist students in conflict resolution.  We had special guests from the Middle School come and model situations in which a Peace Table should be used and how to use the Peace Wheel to navigate the Peace Table.  Even though it was cold outside, students were engaged in the role play and loved learning from their peers! *Please note- students were kept in their cohorts and Middle School students were socially distanced! 

Important Dates: 

  • November 23rd-27th – Thanksgiving Break