The Cooper School Daily

Fall Freshness

“There is something so
Special in the early leaves
Drifting from the trees – as if
We are all to be allowed a
Chance to peel,
To refresh, to start again.”
Ruth Ahmed

Perhaps the beginning of the school year was rough. It is a tough transition to make from the freedom of the summer time to the chaos of starting a new grade. With that being said, chaos should not remain the theme of the school year. Use fall as a time to reflect and make changes on the parts that have been rough in order to start fresh. This will change the attitude of the school year and allow for you to regain control and balance.


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?
Sixth graders explored conduction and energy efficiency this week. They observed conduction by experimenting with different temperatures of water and watching the temperature change through conduction. They also learned about how conduction impacts the energy efficiency of homes. To witness the impact of heat changing indoor temperatures, they made model container homes and documented the change of temperature inside of them when they were exposed to a heat lamp. They then added layers of insulation to compare the energy efficiency of the homes. Next week, they will finish up their Ted Talks and their model homes.

What’s up in ELA?

This week in 6th grade, writers made final touches to their personal narrative stories upon return from break. Sixth graders discussed the art of editing a near final draft and reflected on where they grew as writers in this unit. New stories are proudly published and displayed in our classroom for the school to see!

Next week, 6th graders will transition to reading and grammar work. We’ll be participating in a novel study of Bridge to Terabithia, starting with discussions of setting, character, foreshadowing, and mood. 6th will continue grammar work with prepositions, imperatives, and adverbs. Be on the lookout for a switch in their nightly reading folders from comprehension to fluency work.

What’s going on in Math?
This week, 6th graders used tape diagrams to help build their understanding of percentages before exploring the relationship between percentages and fractions, and solving percentage word problems involving sales. Next week, students will apply their learned knowledge of rates, ratios, and percentages to a challenge problem before taking their Unit 2 Test on Wednesday. They will receive a study guide for this on Thursday 10/12, and we will review it on Friday. After their test, they will begin exploring the meaning of division and quotients before we dive into Unit 3 – Fraction and Decimal Division!

What’s happening in Social Studies?

This week, the sixth graders focused on the beliefs of the Indian subcontinent. Students focused heavily on the differences between Hinduism and Buddhism. Students then created a presentation of one of the two religions to present to the other half of class in a jigsaw activity. This acted as an aid in the creation of a Venn Diagram of the two religions. This led into the content of early empires in this region.

Next week, the students will finish the India unit before being asked to complete an assessment on this unit. Students will then move into early China with vocabulary practice!

Important Dates:

October 18- Parent Lemonade (2:00-2:45)
October 31 – Halloween Carnival (½ Day)
November 1 – Teacher Work Day (No School)