The Cooper School Daily

Fall Has Arrived!

The Smell Of Fall

I can smell fall in the air

I can also feel it too

When I look upon a tree

I can see fall’s colors bright

I love the smell of burning leaves

As its aroma fills the air

Then there is Apple Butter smell

Stirred up in a tub with spices

One can always smell the wood

Burning in a fireplace

Smoke curling up the chimney stack

Leaves a feeling of warmth

How many bonfires do you make

To roast hot dogs and marshmallows too

Friends and family gather around

Sharing this happy time around the fire

Then smell the pumpkin as it cooks down

To fill a pie shell to bake

Thanksgiving dinner will soon be here

One might even make some little  tarts too

Then pick a harvest of apples

Many dishes one can make

From tarts to pies, to cider

Also bobbing for apples too

I also like the crisp clean air

It smells so very sweet

It gives me roses in my cheeks

And a smile to all that I see (Lazette, 2008)

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?

Seventh Graders celebrated the autumnal equinox and explored how the angle of the sun impacts weather and climate around the world. They modeled the reason for seasons and created educational videos explaining how daylength and direct sunlight influence seasonal changes as the earth revolves around the sun. They can be found at:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Seventh Graders are wrapping up their moon study lessons and will begin taking turns teaching the class next week. They researched their own questions, created a lesson and will also provide an assessment for their peers.

What’s up in Math?

Done with the first unit! We’re already a few lessons into the next unit – some new things, and some extensions of the Unit 1 things we learned. Remember all those shapes (polygons)  that the 7th graders were reflecting, rotating and translating? Well, we’re doing the same thing with them now, but they’re not staying identical anymore. All the angles and side lengths used to stay the same, and the shapes stayed congruent (identical). That’s child’s play; the 7th-graders are ready for dilations – making shapes bigger or smaller by a scale factor (like, bigger by 3x, or smaller by ⅓). When this happens every side length shrinks or grows by the exact same scale. The shapes still look the same, because the angles don’t change, but they’re just a different size. So we’ve been doing a lot of scale factor work in the past few days, and I think it’s about time for a mini-assessment to see how well all that info has sunk in. The most important thing they’ve learned is that figures that are dilated are mathematical Similar, not congruent. (Know that one for the assessment, 7th-graders!)

What’s happening in ELA?

This week in grammar, your Seventh Graders worked on identifying “that clauses” and homophones. They also began their Realistic Fiction Writing Unit. Students are testing out ideas for characters by developing different scenarios. They are also getting ideas for stories from stories they have read or that they wished existed. Please take a look at their writing journals and give feedback to your students. Make sure they are applying the grammar skills they have learned. Please be aware that  ELA rubrics are sent home on Fridays and Mondays. Rubrics are to be signed by parents and sent back to school.

What’s going on in Social Studies?

In Seventh Grade we had a great week. We put our focus in learning about the 13 colonies and their beginnings. The students then used their information to choose a colony and create a commercial to persuade the others to come to their colony. Students created a script and video to show their mastery in the colonies. 

Next week we will begin talking about the triangular trade and putting emphasis on the differences between the colonial societies as we look at the different regions. We will also discuss the government in place in the colonies which will conclude unit 2 for this class. 

Important Dates:

September 23rd: Charleston Battery Family Fun Event

September 29th: Parent Coffee (8:00am-8:45am)