The Cooper School Daily

Fall is coming…

October 1st. The day most of us start thinking about Halloween and autumnal coffee flavors. Well, the day has arrived! The days are getting shorter, the morning temperatures are a bit more mild, and school routines are in full swing!

We are wrapping up units in some classes, as we reach the end of the first six weeks of school. In other classes, we are delving into projects to apply our new knowledge. Across the board, routines are established, expectations are in stone, and new friendships are being formed.

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science:
Astronomers finished up the lessons they created and taught this week! We learned about eclipses, nebulas, and the gravitational pull that creates tides. Scientists also theorized about the human construct of daylight savings to contemplate the scientific process used for problem solving. We will begin our American History study next week by discussing, “How do ordinary Americans define democracy in the 21st century?”

What’s up in Math?
Mathematicians have successfully completed their first, rather long, unit! We have started Unit 2 and they are excited to be learning something new! Their conversations are rich and curious. We are beginning to look at scale drawings and what makes a scaled copy. They will begin to create their own scale drawings and begin to look at unit conversions. Their understanding of scaled copies will lead them to recognizing similar polygons and we will end the unit with slope.

What’s happening in ELA:
This week in seventh grade, the students have been working on their book reviews. Their reviews will be recorded on October 1st as they take on the role of literary critics. While preparing for their book reviews, the seventh graders have been reviewing their grammar skills at every given opportunity. We’ve been reviewing the following grammar skills: articles, nouns, and homophones. Next week, students will begin working on their narrative writing units.

Important Dates:
October 6th: Field Trip to Fort Sumter

October 18th & 19th: Fall Break NO SCHOOL
October 29th: Halloween Carnival 11:30 Dismissal