The Cooper School Daily

Fantastic First Full Week!

3rd_pic_2Observing and Comparing Seeds

Third Grade Scientists were thrilled to begin our Seed Study this week in Science! We reviewed how scientists observe using their senses and discussed the various properties to compare when observing seeds. We observed Pea pods and discovered that they hold seeds! Students were delighted to learn that anything with seeds is known as a “fruit”. Brave scientists observed seed patterns in various fruits and compared their properties.

Writing Workshop

3rd_pic_1Third Graders have been learning all about what good writers do, as we settled into Writing Workshop this week. Students are learning routines and procedures of our writing workshop time as they begin to write about their own lives. Young writers practiced brainstorming topics that interest them or things that they know a lot about. Students found ways to come back to a piece of writing and learned strategies to guide them. We reviewed how to use an editing checklist and how important it is to reread our writing. They are such enthusiastic writers and ready to grow as authors this year. Stay tuned for great work as we begin writing our own personal narratives!

Lunch Buddies

Third Graders spent time getting to know each other even more as they enjoyed lunch with a different “Lunch Buddy” each day this week. We reviewed ways to start a conversation and even brainstormed questions that they could ask each other. Students were challenged to find new and unique things that they have in common with their “Lunch Buddy”. Third Graders were delighted to find out things like, “We both live on an island!” or “We both play an instrument!”