The Cooper School Daily

Fantastic First Graders

Publishing Party

Our scholars wrapped up their opinion writing unit and felt so ready to share their work! Their reviews covered a wide range of topics and were so impressive! We felt proud to host our First Grade writers at their Publishing Party. It felt so special to share their hard work with friends and family. Our first graders felt so proud and enjoyed being cozy in their pajamas all day!

Social Studies

Our scholars are continuing their exploration of Australia. This week we discovered the world of Aboriginal art, music and culture. Our first graders learned about the importance of music in Aborigine ceremonies and heard the sounds of the didgeridoo. They viewed dot paintings and felt inspired to create their own!


Our mathematicians have been working hard on our current math unit. This unit focuses on students developing an understanding of place value for numbers through 99. Our goal is to be able to compare 2 two-digit numbers based on the values of the tens and ones digits, recording the results of comparisons with the symbols >, =, and <. We feel so proud watching our mathematicians work together to continue to grow their math skills!

Class Pet Update!

Our beloved Biscuits and Pickles are in need of some supplies! If at all possible we would love:

  • fluff for their bedding
  • hamster food and treats
  • toys for their enrichment

Important Dates:

February Break – No School Feb 21 – 22

Student Social – Feb 24th (afterschool 3:15-4:15) 

Self Assessment Conferences – 11:30 am dismissal March 7 – 8