The Cooper School Daily

Fantastic First Week Of School!


The young mathematicians are getting acclimated to using the math manipulatives to count, sort, and create patterns. Mathematicians enjoy using the pattern blocks to make pictures and the connecting cubes to build towers that they count. Kindergarten is using these materials to learn to count and recognize numbers to 20. Ask your child what they like to create with the connecting cubes and pattern blocks!

Writer’s Workshop

Kindergartners are learning what good writers do as they use pictures and words to write stories from their life. Young writers have been busy brainstorming topics that interest them or things that they know about. Writers then chose an idea and wrote their first writing piece! Stay tuned to learn how we will use this writing piece to to add on and edit!

Morning Meeting

Each morning, kindergartners gather on the carpet to learn more about themselves and our classroom. They practice using eye contact to track the speaker and using their “loud and proud” voices. Kindergartners know that when someone is speaking, they must wait their turn. We use a phrase “one voice” to help them remember. Students are finding friends with similarities and differences during games like “Just Like Me.” How many friends can your child name?