The Cooper School Daily

Fantastic Fourth Graders!

Morning Meeting:

In Morning Meetings, we got to know each other better with some games, talked about some procedures we should do at the beginning and at the end of the day, and the difference between a procedure and an expectation. We also got to do a birthday circle from our seats and tell our friend Dublyn what we wish for her year!


In Math this week, the Fourth Graders continued to learn about Place Value and we were introduced to topics like Unit Form, Standard Form, and how to use a picture chart to show dividing by ten and multiplying by ten. Students enjoyed centers this week where they got to use their disk counters to multiply and divide by ten, by cashing in ones for tens, tens for hundreds, hundreds for thousands.


In Reading this week, we talked about how to know if a book is at our level, why we should not just choose a book we can read, but one that we want to read, and how to help our classmates to do the same! Students also continued to learn how to ask themselves questions as they read their independent reading book using post-it notes, about important things they want to come back to later.


In Writing this week, we have been learning how to write a true story! We talked about how to take a small moment from our lives and turn it into a detailed story, while keeping it true! I was so amazed with the creativity of the writers in the Fourth Grade classroom.


In Science, students enjoyed taking a deeper look into the forces of magnets.  Fourth grade scholars learned that any two magnets that pull towards one another are attracting and that any two magnets that push away from each other are repelling.  During our investigation, fourth grade scientists documented which items in their test bags attracted magnets and deduced that these attracting items contained iron.  Students balanced three to four magnets on the pencil by placing magnets in the repelling position of like faced poles, either north to north facing magnets or south to south facing magnets.  

Word Work:

In Word Work, scholars continued curving their letters properly in cursive, always looking to finish out “the magic c” in letters such g, d, a, and c. Students compared the major similarities and differences in the cursive h.  We continue to practice “bumping the lines” when we meticulously write within the lines of our handwriting paper. Our vocabulary study continues as we compare and contrast synonyms and antonyms within our study of Unit One.  

We are ready for another great week of learning!


Ms. Molly and Ms. Kyndall

Important Dates: 

Monday, September 7th- Labor Day (NO SCHOOL)

Wednesday, September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night (Time-TBD)

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)