The Cooper School Daily

Fantastic Kindergartners


Kindergarteners returned to school eager to make discoveries and share information about a variety of biomes. These curious minds are in the process of learning about the climate, soil, plants, animals and people of the polar, desert, tropical rainforest and wetland biomes this week and next week. Ask your young scholar what they have learned so far about biomes this week!


Kindergarten Writers Explain “How-To” in Their Writing

Kindergarteners eagerly embarked upon an exciting new kind of writing during Writing Workshop this week. Students examined mentor texts to explore how authors write to teach.  Students thought about topics they knew well, things they could teach others how to do. Kindergarten writers were quite busy sharing their knowledge on a variety of topics in which they are “experts”.


Math Mania

This week in math Kindergarteners have continued to dig deeper into number bonds. Students have moved to numbers six through eight and are using them for horizontal and vertical number bonds. We used number cubes to break apart six and eight. Our Kindergarteners have become experts in breaking apart number bonds.



Important Dates

  • March 4 Biome Fashion Show 10:45am
  • March 4th  Student Led Conferences Half Day
  • March 5th Student Led Conferences Half Day
  • Spring Break – March 25-29