The Cooper School Daily

Fantastic Week in Fourth Grade


Fourth Graders continued learning about equivalent fractions this week.  They used fraction strips, tape diagrams, and number lines to compare equivalent fractions.  Students also learned to identify and create equivalent fractions numerically by applying their knowledge of factors and multiples. They used multiplication and division to find equivalent fractions without using diagrams.


This week in science students created schematic diagrams of the electrical circuits that they have been learning about during this unit. Our young scientists learned the appropriate symbols for each component of the circuit and used these symbols in their drawings to show a deep understanding of how circuits work. It has been fun watching the confidence build in these aspiring engineers! 

Charleston Battery Visit

On Wednesday TCS students received a surprise visit from the Charleston Battery. The players demonstrated some fancy footwork skills and answered many of the students’ questions about what it is like to be professional soccer players. TCS students are invited to join the Battery players on September 23rd as player liaisons for their game against the Rio Grande FC Toros. We hope you can join in the fun!

Important Dates:

September 23rd, 2022- Charleston Battery Game (Family Fun Event)

September 29th, 2022 – Parent Coffee (8am – 8:45am)

October 17th & 18th – Fall Break- No School