The Cooper School Daily

Fascinating First Graders

Alliteration, Onomatopoeias, Rhyming

This week our First Grade readers and writers wrapped up their Mem Fox author study. Throughout the study, students dove into Mem Fox books to search for and identify author tools such as alliteration, onomatopoeias, rhyming and echo lines. The classroom has been buzzing with sounds and rhymes. We have been so impressed by how our students have been using author tools in their own writing!


We also wrapped up our Math unit this week! During this unit, our mathematicians focused on developing fluency with addition and subtraction within 10. As well as, addition within 20 and subtraction within 20. This week First Graders used their math strategies and manipulatives to create and solve their own word problem!

Artists of the Month

Our First Grade artists were so proud to be a part of the first showcase in the Artist of the Month series alongside their 7th grade peers. Our painters and illustrators were able to show their friends and family a self-portrait as well as a piece of their choosing. Our First Graders look forward to their art time with Miss Henslee each week and it felt so special to watch them share their hard work!

Important Dates

February Break (No School) – February 21-22