The Cooper School Daily

Fast Friends!


Math is an exciting challenge in 5th grade! Throughout the year, your mathematicians will advance their multiplication and division skills, become proficient with fractions, and explore algebra in more depth. This week, in an effort to deepen their understanding of multiplication, 5th graders worked with rectangular arrays. They first created arrays with manipulatives, then named them using number models, and finally defined the terms factor and product in relation to the arrays. We even had time to play Beat the Calculator!


IMG_0227A black box is a scientific term referring to any system that cannot be observed and manipulated directly or understood completely. Some examples of black boxes are atomic nuclei, dinosaurs, the origin of the universe, and so on. This week, your engineers investigated their own, more literal, black box. Each box had a marble and a foam shape inside of it. Your investigators made multi sensory observations in order to develop a conceptual model of what the inside of the box looked like. They compared their models with their peers and came to a consensus. Ask your child what they learned through this investigation!

Lunch Buddies

This year, your kind students are excited to spend a lot of time with the 4th graders. They will be having lunch, movement, and some specials together. In order to foster those friendships, we had lunch buddies with 4th grade each day this week. During lunch buddies, students were paired with new friends and encouraged to learn something new about them at lunch. After we all ate, we enjoyed group games of evolution, octopus, and infection.