The Cooper School Daily

February 15th, 2019

A Visit from the Mayor

This week, Third Graders were fortunate to join Second Grade for a visit from Mayor John Tecklenburg. Students were so excited to ask the Mayor about their concerns for the city. The tables were turned when the Mayor asked students to share the laws they would create if they were in his shoes for the day. Students shared so many insightful changes that they want to see in our community. Second and Third Graders were delighted when Mayor John Tecklenburg said goodbye with a song on the piano.


This week in Reading, Third Graders spent some time digging further into research for their assigned Asian animals. Students began to choose a cause they’d like to research. Third Graders were excited to dive right in and begin formulating their own ideas for ways to help protect such animals as the Bengal Tiger and Giant Pandas . We love getting to see all of the passion and joy students put into their learning!



Third Graders spent the week wrapping up Unit 6 in Math. This week, we spent time introducing the Order of Operations. Students have been so excited to show off their skills in solving multi-step problems. We had so much fun discussing and creating new ways to remind us the order in which we solve complicated math problems! Students also spent much time this week continuing to master their multiplication facts. Wow, have they gotten good!


Important Dates:

  • February 18th – February Break (No School)
  • February 19th – 11:30 Dismissal
  • February 22nd – Grade 3 Playdate
  • March 1st – Asia Study Presentation (1:45pm)