The Cooper School Daily

February Break has snuck up on us!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a big thank you to everyone who helped make the Valentine’s Day Book Fair, Bake Sale, and Bingo possible, it was such a blast! This week the middle schoolers have been working on finishing various projects, enjoying the sun, and getting their self-assessments completed. Do not forget that there is no school on Monday or Tuesday next week for February Break, enjoy the long weekend!  

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?

Seventh graders were finishing up their experiments this week. They learned effective methods to analyze their data and then draw up their conclusions. They also celebrated Valentine’s Day learning about the “Science of Love” and what hormones are released when you fall in love. Next week, they will begin to work on their Science Fair boards that will be used to present their data. The boards will be in the library during self assessment for your viewing pleasure!

What’s up in Math?

Didn’t your kids just take a unit assessment, like, a week ago or something? Well, they’re taking another one early next week. I tried to stop them, really I did. But they begged, and pleaded, formed a committee, wrote to their Congressmen…. I caved in, I was weak. But this one is just a Mid-Unit assessment. We’re about halfway through the unit on Functions because it moves along quickly. Just like the other units, we’re comparing 2 variables: distance vs. time, daylight hours vs. temperature, etc. The workbooks ask things like, “In this scenario, is time a function of distance traveled?” We’re learning to instead ask: “Is time a result of the distance traveled?” It’s the same thing. But when we ask it our way we can say, “No, that’s stupid, of course time isn’t a result of how far we went; How far we went is a result of time!” Back to the book’s question: “Is time a function of distance traveled?” No, it’s the other way around, but now we know why. Understanding the terminology, and replacing it with your own words when necessary is crucial in Math. It’s so important for your kids to know that they aren’t forced to use what they’re given the way it’s given! You don’t like the way they describe something, you describe it your way. You don’t like seeing things as equations, change them into sentences – an equation is literally just a sentence. Make math work for you, don’t let it change who you are just ‘cuz you think you have to follow specific rules. I’m expecting big things on this assessment!

What’s happening in ELA?

Seventh graders have started their essential research unit. There are still a few students that have not chosen a topic to research yet. The topic they need to research must be relevant and impactful to our world today. Examples would be: climate change, gun violence, immigration, wage inequality based on gender, the Greenhouse Effect, Russia and Ukraine, fracking, disappearance of natural resources, etc.. Please help them to select one this weekend. Students are working on the steps needed to do research without becoming overwhelmed. Your students will also be working on week fourteen of their grammar workbook and continuing with their study of figurative language. Please check for signed papers every Monday.

What’s going on in Social Studies?

This week the seventh graders wrapped up their Black History Month Projects using primary and secondary articles/books for their information! 

Next week, the students will master their presentations to “WOW” you guys on Friday, February 24th at 2:00pm!  

Important Dates:

  • February 20-21 – February Break (No School)
  • February 28- Middle School Social (3pm-4pm)