The Cooper School Daily

February Break has snuck up on us!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a big thank you to everyone who helped make the Valentine’s Day Book Fair, Bake Sale, and Bingo possible, it was such a blast! This week the middle schoolers have been working on finishing various projects, enjoying the sun, and getting their self-assessments completed. Do not forget that there is no school on Monday or Tuesday next week for February Break, enjoy the long weekend!  

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Social Studies?

The eighth graders began to look at capitalism and its role in Industrialization! Students participated in an “assembly line” simulation which had them create Valentines Day cards for their middle school peers! This gave them a better understanding of the work environment in the factories during this time and why it was so controversial! 

Next week, we will be diving deeper into the society during Industrialization and analyzing graphic bibliographies and even reading and analyzing an article on child labor! 

What’s happening in ELA?

Eighth graders have started their literary nonfiction unit. Our mentor text is Hidden Figures. Each student should have a nonfiction text that they are reading. There are still a couple of students that do not have a nonfiction text or chosen a topic to research yet. The topic they need to research must be relevant and impactful to our world today. Examples would be: climate change, gun violence, immigration, wage inequality based on gender, the Greenhouse Effect, Russia and Ukraine, fracking, disappearance of natural resources, Brown vs. the Board of Education, Roe vs. Wade, etc. Please help them to select one this weekend. Your students will also be working on week fourteen of their grammar workbook and continuing with their study of figurative language. Please check for signed papers every Monday.

What’s happening in Science?

Eighth graders were finishing up their experiments this week. They learned effective methods to analyze their data and then draw up their conclusions. Eighth graders worked diligently on their background research. They also celebrated Valentine’s Day learning about the “Science of Love” and what hormones are released when you fall in love. Next week, they will begin to work on their science fair boards that will be used to present their data. The boards will be in the library during self assessment for your viewing pleasure!

What’s happening in Math?

Eighth grade mathematicians have been exploring exponential decay this week. We have defined an equation for exponential functions and differentiated growth or decay based on the rate. I am impressed with their ability to grasp these higher level concepts. They were able to quickly explain that if a car loses ⅓ of its value per year then we will multiply the value by ⅔. Looking forward, they will have their first summative assessment covering the first half of the unit on March 2. This assessment will include writing equations representing exponential growth, analyzing graphs of linear and exponential functions, using function notation to define situations, and integer exponent rules. 

Important Dates:

  • February 20-21 – February Break (No School)
  • February 28- Middle School Social (3pm-4pm)