The Cooper School Daily

February Break snuck up on us!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a big thank you to everyone who helped make the Valentine’s Day Book Fair, Bake Sale, and Bingo possible, it was such a blast! This week the middle schoolers have been working on finishing various projects, enjoying the sun, and getting their self-assessments completed. Do not forget that there is no school on Monday or Tuesday next week for February Break, enjoy the long weekend!  

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?

Fifth grade students were observing, analyzing, and researching this week. Their petri dishes have been providing a happy home for their bacteria and fungus samples to incubate…and both of the colonies are growing! We have identified both fungus and bacteria all over the school. The fifth grade students learned how to differentiate between qualitative and quantitative data in order to analyze their data effectively half way through the experiment. To celebrate their hard work this week, they participated in the “Egg Drop” challenge and made egg drop protectors to keep eggs from breaking from a two story drop. 

What’s up in ELA?

Fifth graders have started their fantasy book unit. There are still a few students that have not gotten a fantasy book of their choice yet. Please help them to select one this weekend. The mentor texts that we are using in class for this unit are The Paperbag Princess and The Thief of Always. Your students will be working on week fourteen of their grammar workbook and continuing with their study of figurative language. Please check for signed papers every Monday.

What’s going on in Math?

Fifth grade mathematicians had a busy week! They had a few days to finish up and correct assessments and now we have moved on to metric system conversions! Do not be alarmed if you hear them reciting “King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk”, that’s a tool we use to know how to convert within meters, liters, and grams. Looking ahead, they will have their first summative assessment (Checkpoint) next Friday. The checkpoint will cover solving multi-step problems involving measurement conversions. 

What’s happening in Social Studies?

The fifth graders were able to not only master their new vocabulary terms for the second part of the Early European Unit, but also look into the Depression in Europe and the build up to World War II by creating a diary entry of a person living during that time period and their experiences in life. 

Students will look into WWII and the Cold War next week! Students will then begin to study for their assessment over Early Europe before moving onto modern day Europe! 

Important Dates:

  • February 20-21 – February Break (No School)
  • February 28- Middle School Social (3pm-4pm)