The Cooper School Daily

February Wrap-Up

Shifting Comparisons
Kindergarten mathematicians began to compare numbers sets within 10. They have been using terms more or less in comparison to length. This week, Kindergarteners built onto their understanding of comparisons by comparing objects to see which set has more! Proud counters also worked to create and identify sets that have the same number of objects.

Handwriting Reflection
This week, our class spent lots of time reflecting on their growth this year in preparation for our upcoming Self-Assessment Conferences. Students analyzed a lot of their past work, and spent a lot of time looking at their own handwriting. Kindergarteners compared their handwriting from the beginning of the school year to now, and we were blown away by all of their improvements. After looking at how far they’d come, students took the opportunity to write their alphabet and compare it to a model text. Comparing the two, students circled the letters they noticed they needed to work most on to really improve their handwriting! We are so proud of all of their big kid reflections!

This week, Kindergarteners received another letter from Reader-Man, a superhero of words! As these brave readers grow and read bigger books, they are starting to see more vowels and bigger words. Readers investigated familiar songs and word sorts to compare short and long vowel sounds.

Important Dates:
March 1st & 2nd – Student Led Conferences (11:30 Dismissal)
March 29th – April 5th – Spring Break (No School)