The Cooper School Daily

Feel The Love in First Grade!


This week in science our scholars started our new unit on air and weather. Scholars made predictions about what types of experiments we will be conducting. Scholars were curious about clouds and the water cycle. Stay tuned for all the fun information we learn about air and weather!


Our mathematicians are really enjoying our identifying, composing, and partitioning shapes unit!  Students have been identifying halves and quarters of various shapes, and are now learning to partition and use a circle to tell time! This week, we made clocks and are learning about telling time to the hour and half hour.  Scholars have enjoyed this so much, I catch them making clocks with Play-doh and checking the time on our classroom clocks!


Our Scholars are having a blast learning the value of persistence by completing “Persistence Challenges.” This week, students paired up with partners to complete a challenging puzzle.  They also attempted to balance a ball between themselves and a partner while going from sitting to standing. We had a blast cheering each other on! 

Important Dates:

Friday, May 7:½ Day- Virtual Pass It On 5pm

Monday, May 31:  No School- Memorial Day