The Cooper School Daily

Festive Fun!

Special Holiday Events  

On Tuesday, December 11th, the entire Cooper School community gathered at the Circular Church in downtown to perform a musical selection of well known and original songs for parents and families. It was a beautiful concert and we are grateful to Mrs. Hazel and Mr. Bob for all their hard work in Choir. Last Friday, December 7th, over thirty Kindergarteners, 1st Graders, and 2nd Graders attended Movie Night. Everyone got cozy with their sleeping bags and blankets to watch The Polar Express, eat pizza, and drink hot cocoa.


Amateur Food Critics

In Writing Workshop, we wrapped up our unit on Opinion Writing and have moved into Review Writing. This week, students shared their Opinion Writing pieces with peers and got compliments and constructive feedback. We discussed popular products and services that people often like to review and looked at sample reviews. Students viewed menus from various restaurants around the Charleston area for inspiration for their reviews. They brainstormed descriptive words to enhance and spice up their writing. Finally, students chose something personal to them to review. Can you guess what many 1st Graders chose to write about? Did you say food? You got it! We are salivating reading all about the delicious, salty French fries at McDonald’s, the juicy chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A, the creamy, homemade ice cream at Ye Ole Fashioned, and the frozen treats at Pelican’s Snoballs! YUM, YUM!


Diving Into a Character Study

We recently introduced a new read aloud text, Gooseberry Park and the Master Plan by Cynthia Rylant. It is a funny romp of a story that features a cast of memorable animals as the main characters, including a maternal squirrel named Stumpy, a hungry bat named Murray, a loyal dog named Kona, a wise hermit crab named Gwendolyn, and many others. Students are enjoying doing a character study to identify unique characteristics and motivations of each character we encounter in this delightful book!


Pajama Drive

Next week we’ll be collecting pajama donations for our annual Pajama Drive.  All pajamas will be donated to the Pajama Program and distributed to children in need across the Lowcountry.

Important Dates:

Friday, 12/21- Pajama Day- ½ day

12/22- Winter Break Begins