The Cooper School Daily

Field Trip Fun !!!

Charles Towne Landing

This week Second Grade visited Charleston’s famed site where English settlers first landed in 1670. We started our tour in the interactive museum where light-up maps and interesting art and photography told the history of our wonderful city. After picking up our scavenger hunt workbook, we embarked on the next leg of the trip, to the palisade fences and ditches. Students peered over the walls and discussed how natural boundaries were used as our defensive allies. We strolled through one of the replica houses. After a hop on the boat we ended our tour up close and personal with some of the creatures that used to inhabit the lowcountry before they were driven away or hunted to extinction.


Reading partners got together to continue their reading project to improve fluency. Readers utilized strategies such as retelling stories to one another and then by helping each other understand what is happening in the story. Readers were able to keep track of what was happening in longer books by using strategies like determining what is important and to stop when you get off track to re-read and answer questions with your partner. 

Purposeful Movement

During Purposeful Movement this week, Miss Lizl  constructed an experience showing the children how hard life would be if they were hunter-gatherers of long ago. The two teams of students gathered wood for “fire”, searched for food, “cooked” the food, carried water cooperatively, and celebrated a hunt. It was really hard work!

Important Dates

  • Friday -12/13 Free Dress Day
  • Thursday – 12/19 Field Trip (Dock Street Theatre)
  • Friday – 12/20 Pajama Day (Half Day)
  • 12/21-1/5 Winter Break
  • Monday – 1/6 School Resumes