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Fifth Grade Fun!

Math Games Day!

Every Friday fourth and fifth graders enjoy a math block full of math games.  It is one of our favorite days of the week.  The math games are carefully selected to reinforce skills learned throughout the current unit.  Students are put into teams of 3 or 4 and they rotate through 3 games within 45 minutes.  This week we had an even more special math games day!  Fourth and fifth grade joined forces to play the games together!  Games were selected that both grade levels had learned previously and groups were created with both fourth and fifth graders.  We had a blast playing and learning together.  I even think some new friendships were formed!  Ask your child what their favorite part of math games day was.

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This week 5th Grade students began a mini writing unit learning how to write like journalists.  The first lesson began with the students learning to be wide-awake writers, always taking in their surroundings.  The class witnessed a mock-drama between two teachers and were then directed with writing about what they witnessed.  After realizing that “news” happens all around them, even at The Cooper School, the class was then challenged with writing about the news in only 25 words. This task turned out to be much harder than they originally thought!
Test Prep
This year, fourth and fifth graders are participating in a reading genre unit called “Test Prep”.  Although standardized tests are not valued at The Cooper School the way they might be valued in other places, they still remain a part of our reality.  Learning strategies to become a more alert test taker will benefit students as they move through their educational career.  This week, your critical readers learned how to determine the type of text they were reading, analyze whether a question was referring to the whole text or a detail within the text, predict questions that might be asked at the end of the passage, and predict the answer to a question before finding it in the passage.  Ask your child what they thought about test prep!
Math Center
It was time for a change!  All year our tables have been arranged in the same way and we were ready to try something different.  On Wednesday, each student was given 4 trapezoid pattern blocks and a rectangle pattern block to represent our 5 tables.  They each created a new design for the tables and placed their design on the board.  When everyone had completed their designs your engineers viewed them all and voted on their favorite.  Winslow’s design won the challenge!
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