The Cooper School Daily

Fifth Week in Fourth

Photos Above: Students participating in Silent Sustained Reading (otherwise known as SSR). In SSR, students are empowered with the ability to choose their own book. This choice gives them practice in choosing a just right book and gives them ownership over their learning. During SSR, students read silently while thinking about an aspect of their book. Ask your child what book they are reading for SSR.  

Social Studies: Fourth Grade has just completed their study of magnetism and electricity and are heading into their first Social Studies unit.  This will be a study of Ancient Civilizations, focusing on Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece!  

Word Work:  As a class, we are in our second week of spelling.  Students have weekly routines to practice their spelling sort at school. On Mondays, scholars begin by cutting out their words and placing them into a sort that makes sense. On Tuesdays, they sort their words and review their sorting rule with the teacher.  On Wednesdays, students practice by writing each word in their sort three times or they use colored pencils to differentiate their consonants and vowels. 

Reading Workshop:

For the fifth week of study, scholars have continued to grow interpretations of the characters within their stories. They have also learned how to look at story elements and choose two of these such as the setting or a frequently mentioned object to form their own interpretation of a life lesson that the story might be teaching them!

Friendly Reminder: Please ensure your student brings their silver homework folder to school each day and their green succeed math workbook with parent signatures on homework grid.

Important Dates: 

Wednesday, September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night 

Friday, October 9th- Distance Learning Day

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)