The Cooper School Daily

Fifty Nifty United States!

State Study

Third Graders were excited to choose a state this week to research. Students wrote a few sentences about their top three choices of states to study in the Northeast and Southeast regions. They had to explain why they wanted to study that specific state. Their reasons ranged from having family in that state, to being born in that state and wanting to know more about it. Students will spend the next week researching their state and putting together a two minute presentation to teach the rest of the class. Then we will pick another state from the other regions!


There is reading and then there is reading. Third Graders have been focusing on reading with agency and intent. In order to do this, students have to be able to select a just right book so that they are not required to focus on the reading of the words and understanding the story. This can free up their thinking to “read between the lines” and focus on making connections, creating a clear image in their minds, and making predictions. Third Grades have loved this unit, which allows plenty of time for silent sustained reading and partner sharing of the stories they are reading.

Teacher Appreciation

This week has been Teacher Appreciation Week and, WOW,  have I felt appreciated. Students have shown their appreciation through flowers, cards, gifts, and comments. One student suggested we do this one day every month. That statement alone makes me feel truly appreciated throughout the year. Thank you to all the parents that have volunteered their time, donated food, and coordinated events. All the TCS staff appreciates all of you!

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, May 15 Climbing, 11:30 – 2:30
  • Sunday, May 20 End of the Year Picnic- 3:30-5pm @ Magnolia Plantation
  • Thursday, May 31 Half Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, June 1 Field Day, 11:30 Dismissal