The Cooper School Daily

Filled With Joy

Word Part Power! Blends and Digraphs

Kindergarteners have been busy with their word studies! This week, students talked all about dissecting words for tricky blends and digraphs. Students began their study by listing and looking at several words they already know using different combinations of letters. Once we had our list, we started looking for patterns of sounds. Our class was thrilled to begin spotting new familiar sounds in words in books, around the room, and in their everyday life!


Students had some fun with math this week talking about capacity. Our class conducted an experiment using rice and different size cups. Students predicted whether cups of different sizes would hold all of the rice in the first container. We excitedly discussed predictions that the rice would fit into larger cups with excess space and would spill out of smaller cups. Students observed as their predictions about capacity were proven correct. Our classroom was filled to the rim with pride.

Gym Adventures

We were excited to take a short trip out of our classroom this week to visit St. Andrew’s Gymnasium. Kindergarteners got the chance to rotate between active stations of scooters, hula hoops, and basketball. We concluded our fun with a quick game of indoor Sharks and Minnows! Students excitedly moved through the gymnasium bursting with energy. We truly value our time at the gym as it not only provides our students with a healthy outlet, but also gives them a chance to practice sportsmanship.

Important Dates
January 28th- Parent Forum with LeAnn Gardner
January 31st- Art Walk
February 8th- Family Fun Night (CofC Basketball Game)
February 13th- Valentine’s Day Bake Sale
February 17th- February Break