The Cooper School Daily

Finding Balance in Life


Along with our writing, science is investigating physical aspects, specifically balance and motion. We began by investigating balance. We discovered where the balance point of an object is and how clothespins act as counterweights. Students discussed different aspects of everyday life that require balance and realized that there are many more actions that require balance than they realized… such as walking! See if your child can use their balance in different ways at home.

Mandala Art

On Wednesday, the class learned how to create nature mandala’s from artist, Faith Sills. Faith showed the class some of her artwork and discussed the tradition of the mandala. After first acquainting the students Mandalaswith this traditional folk art and then supplying them with the raw materials, Faith unleashed each child’s natural creativity. It was neat to see each child’s imagination run wild in their artwork. They also learned about releasing attachments, as the artwork was gone within the hour.

Math Family Game Night

Families enjoyed learning about the content strands in the Every Day Math curriculum. Each classroom had a designated strand and offered a game that reinforced content learned through that strand. Families rotated through each class challenging each other to favorite math game typically played in class. The games help reinforce skills being taught at each grade level. After playing the game or activity, parents were able to take a handout with the directions on how to play at home. When families were not in individual classrooms, they were coming together in the library to make estimates, and writing different names for numbers.