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Finding Meaning In Words

Hook Your Audience

Second Grade writers set out this week to hook their audience as they began their “How To” books in Writing Workshop.  They determined through their lesson that there are three ways that you can hook your audience to keep reading! The first way is to start with a question. The second way is to tell a fascinating fact! The third way is to describe what you are writing about with bold words!


Above: Second Graders continue their study of balance, force, and motion.

Finding Meaning In Words

In this week’s Reading Workshop, Second Graders continued their study of nonfiction texts looking for keywords, but this time they sought challenging keywords! As they read they identified three keywords, and used context clues from the text to deduce what they mean through looking at pictures, reading captions, and using the index and glossary.  

Different Names For Numbers

Mathematicians learned multiple ways to write names for the same number. In a daily math message representing the number 12, scholars used many examples of ways to make this number. One example was the use of roman numerals or tally marks. Another scholar suggested used coins, like pennies and nickels.  Others suggested addition and subtraction problems that we do every day in rocket math exercises. The options were endless!

Reminder: If your child brings a jacket to school, please remember to label the jacket with the child’s name on the inside.    

Important Dates:

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November 1st                        In School Field Trip -12:30 High Touch/High Tech

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