The Cooper School Daily

Finding Our Balance…


This week in Science, Second Graders have been exploring how to balance objects. They are able to identify thebalancing balance point of an object and use counterweights to make things more stable. Students were asked to balance various cardboard shapes on a popsicle stick, using just one or two clothespins as counterpoints. After much exploration and a fair amount of perseverance, students were able to identify that placement of the counterweights determine if the object will stay balanced or topple to the ground.


Each week in Yoga, Second Graders learn the value of the breath and strength in your body. Students practice finding balance and learn the importance of controlling their body. They work to achieve emotional well-being through concentration and mindfulness. Through fun poses and relaxation, students begin to learn the fundamentals of the art of yoga. Oftenbalnacing-2 times the focus of the day is finding balance, both in a pose and in their lives.

Fall Bake Sale

Second Graders were delighted to join their parents and friends on Friday afternoon at the TCS Fall Bake Sale. Students were able to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather. Some students enjoyed snacking on a sweet treat, while others played games with friends. All and all, it was a great way to bring the week to a close!

Important Dates

Monday, October 17th                                              Parent Lunch – 11:00-11:30

Wednesday, October 26th                                      Parent Morning Meeting and                                                                                            Publishing Party 8:00-8:20

Thursday, October 27th                                           Parent Forum 5:45 p.m.

Monday, October 31st                                              Halloween Carnival – ½ Day