The Cooper School Daily

Finnegan Visits 2nd Grade!


Second Graders set off on their first climbing adventure this week! The class went to James Island County Park toClimb 2 climb three different walls. Students were able to climb the 25-foot self-propelled wall, experiment in the bouldering cave, test their balance on the slack lines, and conqueror some fears on the 50-foot wall. This is a great time for students to set goals. Most students were able to reach their goal by climbing to the top of the high wall. Others have set personal goals knowing that they have two more opportunities to reach the top.



Students began unit 8 by reviewing and extending concepts of fractions. Students learned that fractions are parts of a whole number by exploring fraction parts with pattern blocks. Students recalled important vocabulary words, such as numerators and denominators. Friday was dedicated to introducing fraction concepts and skills through various games. Second Graders enjoyed playing three different fraction games that will ultimately help strengthen their understanding.


St. Patrick’s Day

This Thursday, Second Graders came into school to find that the leprechauns had visited our classroom and createdST P some mischief! Students found all kinds of green items scattered about the room and a message on the board from a leprechaun named “Finnegan.” Later in the day, we all gathered for a whole school “St. Patties Day” read aloud, and then met with partners to go on a “hunt” to search for a gift that was left for them from the “leprechauns.” This year, each student received a green shamrock ring and a limerick to enjoy.


Important Dates

Thursday, March 24th                    Study Trip JICP – Climbing Wall

Friday, March 25th                         Spring Break Begins