The Cooper School Daily

First Full Week of Second Grade!

Crawfish Balance & Motion

In our first unit of science we are learning about balance and motion. To start the unit the students demonstrated balance by trying a crawfish on their finger! Using different points of the cutout students tried their best to balance the crawfish. They had so much fun with trial and error to see if they could balance the crawfish at different points!

Learning our Library

Second Grade got to visit the library this week! Each week during library time students are able to check out one book to read and bring home. Miss Henslee went over the process and other information about the library system. Students were then able to explore the library to pick the book they wanted to read this week. Afterwards, Miss Henslee checked the book out for them!

Reading Workshop

This week students were able to pick books that were just right for them in the classroom library! Students browsed and chose books that were both interesting and on their reading level. After choosing books students worked on silent sustained reading for 15 minutes. During this time students were focused and silent trying to read for as long as they could! We are trying to get to 45 minutes by the end of the school year!

Important Dates:  

  • September  5th- Labor Day ( No School)
  • September 14th – Elementary Curriculum Night (5:30pm-6:30pm)