The Cooper School Daily

First Grade Fun!

First Grade Biomes

Our First Graders are investigating the different biomes Australia has to offer. This week, we focused on learning the parts of a biome. First Graders have created booklets of the parts of a biome and even drew their own biome. Our First Grade scientists are able to identify and correctly label all the parts of a biome!

More on Mem Fox

Our First Grade readers have enjoyed exploring the wonderful worlds created by author Mem Fox. This week, we have discussed dialogue in stories and the ways to identify it while we read. Our First Graders have turned into detectives searching for quotation marks, changes of voices and signal words such as said, yelled or murmured. Along with searching for dialogue, we have fully immersed ourselves in learning all about Australia and have been discussing elements of the stories we read that are parts of Australian culture!


First Graders have continued to discuss and write about our opinions this week. This week, our writers shared their favorite and least favorite foods with their classmates and discussed their reasons as they brainstormed which food to write a review about! As we begin our reviews, our writers have learned how to make a review convincing and exciting to read. We have been so impressed with how our First Grade writers have been able to hook us into their writing!

Important Dates

January 21- “Artist of the Month” Coffee for 1st Grade & 7th Grade

February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)