The Cooper School Daily

First Grade Fun !!!

Animals In Australia

This week in social studies our scholars chose an Australian animal that they wanted to study. We had some friends who chose Dingos, Kangaroos, Koalas, and even Emus. Our scholars then used their Ipads to look up interesting facts about their animal. Scholars completed a detailed drawing and even included labels on their animals. We will be putting together a small booklet about our animal. Ask your scholar what have they learned so far about their amazing Australian animal! 


In math, we are continuing to study place value through addition and subtraction.  This week, students participated in centers reviewing learned concepts.  We practiced composing teen numbers by making 10 and finding partners to 10 when adding 3 numbers.  We have also learned to decompose teen numbers to make subtraction easier.  Next week,students will be introduced to the concept of 10 as a unit, which is a foundation of place value.

First Grade Social

First Graders had a blast sharing their toys with each other at our First Grade Toy Club!  Students played games together, used their imaginations to play with toy figures, and even bedazzled each other’s hair (and stuffed animals)! 

Important Dates:

  • February 15-February 16-February Break: No School