The Cooper School Daily

First Grade News!

Habits of a Good Mathematician 

This week our scholars have been working hard in Math. They have mastered writing addition and subtraction expressions with numbers 0-10. So, our mathematicians have shifted their focus to sorting objects into categories. Our scholars explored our math cart and experimented with different categories they could use to separate our tools.

Habits for a Healthy Body

As we wrap up our Healthy Body unit this week, our students are confident in categorizing their food groups and especially comfortable showing off any exercises they can think of! This week we learned all about the health benefits of a good night’s rest.  We discussed in length about how to stay safe from germs which our scholars knew plenty about already. We have been so impressed with our healthy students!

Playground Habits

Outside time is always a crowd favorite! This week our students had a blast during outdoor break by playing games they learned in P.E with Mr. Temani. A few of our students even created their own “Kitty School” and have been holding “class” outside. We hear that the spots are filling up quickly.