The Cooper School Daily

First Grade News!

Spelling Stars

This week, we launched spelling! Our students are learning word patterns and rules of spelling with the intention of leading them towards success in independent writing. This week, our first graders made spelling so enjoyable. They learned all about the -ad family and spelling rules. They have had a blast acting out words that end with -ad and we loved watching them add -ad words into their daily writing.


We are on week 2 of our mealworm study. Each student has their own group of mealworms to observe and our scientists have been working hard to fill out their observation logs. Through observation, we have discovered the stages of a meal worm’s life cycle. Our scientists were surprised this week by a few beetles emerging in their cups.

Publishing Party

This week we wrapped up our first writing unit. Our authors worked hard on writing with focus, detail and dialogue. Our scholars created beautiful stories each with a beginning, middle and end. Our First Graders then celebrated their work with a publishing party! It was beautiful to watch them be so proud of their work and proud to share with their peers.

Important Dates

Fall Break No School – October 18 – 19