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SAVE THE DATE!  On Tuesday February 15, our scholars will be presenting their publication of The Cooper School Opinion Pages! Our scholars have been writing reviews of books, animals, toys, restaurants, etc. and learning strategies to convince their readers to agree with them.  We will be sharing our writing with you in the library from 8:15am – 9:00am. We cannot wait to celebrate our writers!

Australian Biomes

This week in Social Studies our scholars used their knowledge of biomes to take a closer look at the biomes specific to Australia. First Graders have jumped into literature about the grasslands, deserts, and tropical and subtropical forests that Australia has to offer. First Graders have discussed the differences and similarities of the biomes in Australia. Ask your First Grader about an Australian biome today!


Empathy has been buzzing around The Cooper School as we are fully into the swing of this Social Emotional Unit. First Graders have read literature about empathy and have practiced putting themselves in other people’s shoes. We have been discussing how characters in our stories may be feeling about situations in the plot. Our kind First Graders have brainstormed ways they can show empathy to themselves and others. We feel so proud watching our friends check in on each other and try to understand one another!

Important Date

February 11 – Move Up Day

February 15 – Publishing Party (8:15-9:00 am)

February 21-22 – February Break (No School)

February 24 – 1st Grade Student Social (3:15-4:15 pm)