The Cooper School Daily

First Grade Poets

Author Study

Our Writers are hard at work on their Author Expert projects! Students read several books by their author and chose one as their Mentor Text.  They studied their Mentor Text and used it to create an author inspired story.  In Reading, they identified the characters, setting, problem, and solution in their Mentor Text and are using it to create a book report.  They are also learning to use their iPad to find information about their author and the books that he or she wrote.  We can’t wait to create our Author Posters!  

Solids and Liquids

This week in science our scholars wrapped up our solids and liquids unit. Our scientists have completed various fun experiments. Our scholars have learned all about the different properties of liquids such as transparency, translucency, and viscosity. Scholars have also learned what makes an object solid. Students are able to identify solids that are natural and solids that are man-made. Ask your child what their favorite part of this fun unit! 

Pass It On

Thank you to all family and friends who joined us for Pass It On! We could not have felt more proud of our First Grade Poets. We were impressed by their bravery and confidence. Our students worked hard to practice their performance and reading fluency. All their hard work definitely paid off in such a beautiful way. 

Important Dates

May 17th – Climbing Trip

May 24th – Climbing Trip

May 30th – Memorial Day (No School)

June 3rd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)