The Cooper School Daily

First Grade Poets

Poetry Unit

Our readers and writers have launched into The Cooper School’s Poetry Unit. We have begun our exploration of poetry by discussing what may inspire poets. We spoke about how much inspiration we can find in nature. First Graders have practiced illustrating themselves in nature, as well as brainstorming plants, animals and other parts of nature that inspire them. We have been blown away by the natural poets we have in our classroom!


We have wrapped up our empathy unit. We feel impressed with how our First Graders have been able to express feelings and how others may feel in certain situations. This week, we launched our study of independence. This unit we will be discussing what independence looks like and sounds like. Our students will brainstorm ways they can be more independent learners and how we can work together to grow independence.

Self Assessment

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to attend our self assessment conferences. Our students worked so hard to reflect on their growth this year and articulate that in their portfolios. We felt so proud watching our First Graders take the lead and confidently show themselves and their classroom off. We hope that our students continue to reflect on their growth throughout the year and continue to feel proud of any and all progress they have made.

First Graders adding leaves to our trees.

Important Dates

Spring Break – No School (March 28-April 1)