The Cooper School Daily

First Grade Rocks !!!!

Science Fun

We have begun our third trimester with a Science unit on “Solids and Liquids.” In this unit,  students are learning to identify and categorize different forms of matter by their properties. Scholars were so excited to learn about Solids, Liquids, and Gases.  Ask your child all about the interesting facts they learned about Matter!

Reading and Writing

This week we launched our study of poetry in reading and writing.  Our scholars are learning about characteristics of poetry and adding elements of poetry into their own poems.  I am so impressed with the enthusiasm our scholars have demonstrated towards reading and writing poetry!  


This week, we finished our study of Measurement.  Students learned to measure using centimeters as well as non-standard units of measurement.  They also learned to collect, record, and organize data and answer questions about that data.  We will be sending Module 3 workbooks home this weekend.  You will notice that not all pages have been completed, as we sometimes complete alternate assessments or activities depending on the needs of our students.  Our next Module will focus again on Place Value.  Please click here for an overview of our first topic.  

Important Dates:

Monday, March 29- Monday, April 5: Spring Break- NO SCHOOL